Gaining new business through word of mouth and existing client referrals is critical for my business. That's why having a structured environment to do this works so well for me. But it's not just about the 'money' - it's also about the personal relationships and social interaction that you gain (and these are much harder to put a price on!).

Jacob Ball

JKB Web Solutions






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Business Networking has been great for my business, with increased sales and new clients only part of the story.  The contacts I have made and the things I have learned from meeting regularly with motivated business people have been even more valuable to me.  

Dean Mance

Mance Electrical









Networking has been the cornerstone of my success in business over the past 20 years.  Effective networking that leads to long term relationships beats hands down any other type of marketing that I have done.  When people get to know you, trust you and like you, then they will want to do and refer business to you.  Effective Networking groups help this process.

Celine Egan

Juice Plus









In the early stages of establishing my business, I costed in business networking on my business plan, this was paramount in getting our name out. I have had great returns, initially as much as 50% of the business and now have the referred, referring and those referred also referring.

Vivienne Bartle









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I have found that since I started networking our business has grown steadily. This has alot to do with the word of mouth.


Glenda Iles

The Cheese Cake Shop 

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I have been involved in expanding my network since an early role in my career as Chef Concierge at the Sheraton Hobart Hotel and learned how powerful groups like Les Clef d'Or were to helping you achieve anything you required. I have found formal networking groups like BNAA invaluable to promote and increase my businesses opportunities and ultimately profitability.

Peter Flood

The Building Selection Centre









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Business networking for me was a no brainer. My business was built on “Word of mouth”, by providing a good services to one business, they recommend you to another. By joining a business networking group enhanced this process tenfold and not only did I gain new business and clients, I built great business relationships with my fellow members. BNAA is not only about increasing your sales, it’s the journey and the friendships you make along the way that makes it a truly remarkable marketing tool.

Markus Graham

Tritech Professional Services P/L

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BNAA has helped me to surround myself with positive and uplifting business people that have shown a genuine care and effort to help me grow my business.  As well as benefiting my business, they have also been quality operators themselves that I have not hesitated to refer my family/friends/associates to.  Markus is effective at following up inquiries, organizing meetings and keeping everyone in regular contact.

Gavin Mace

Raw Marketing


In the short time (2 Months) I have been a member of BNAA I have received three successful referrals. Considering the category that I represent, this is a great achievement. I have no hesitation in recommending BNAA to potential members. It is an excellent way to promote your business and socially rewarding.

Tony Barnard

Bank of Queensland

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BNAA impresses me with the structured way it promotes a group saleforce for all members’ businesses. Getting to know each other’s business makes it simple to look out for the type of referrals other members are after.


Steve Brumby

Capitalcorp Equipment Finance